Collection: Wool/silk Jersey

At juel's, we are committed to quality. We only want the best of the best for ourselves and our customers. Therefore, we are producing our very own series of Special Designs. Including our own collection of wool/silk jersey, which consists of 70% organic merino wool and 30% silk. It's really luxurious and exclusive to wear.

The wool we use for the fabric thread is made from organic merino-wool. It has a natural temperature regulating effect, so it can be used both summer and winter.  It's mulesing free, which demands high standards of animal welfare. Also it is non-superwash, which minimizes use of chemicals in the production.

Silk adds that extra luxury to the fabric. It's a fiber that is spun by the mulberry silkworms cocoon. Silk is a fantastic and elegant material, which at the same time has a very good absorbing ability. That makes it one of the most comfortable materials to have against the skin. Another advantage is that silk can contain 30 % moisture without feeling wet. It also has a significantly shorter drying time than, say, cotton.
Just like all the other animal fibers silk has a really good insulation, and therefore, it is a great material, whether it is warm or cold.

All of the above, makes the combination of wool and silk extra-ordinary!

Extra details:
Jersey knit - rib-knit (1*1)
70% Organic merino wool / 30 % silk
Mulesing free
Non-superwash treated
Approx. 160 cm wide
180 g/sm
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