Collection: Cotton Jersey

Unique prints and special designs!

We have found a GOTS-certified factory that produces our beautiful prints. These prints can be by different designers - or it can just be a cool motive that we have not seen made before. Common to them all is that they are unique - and of high quality!

Extra details:
Jerseycotton knit
95% organic cotton / 5% lycra
150-165 cm wide (see details on each product)
210-220 g/sm
53 products
  • Bear and Wolf, Juels
  • Sommereng Navyblue, Juels
  • Rainbow Owl, Cosmic, Juels
  • Rainbow Puzzle, Juels
  • Rainbow Elephants, Juels
  • Rainbow Wonderland, Juels
  • Hide and Seek, Rainbow Bright, Juels
  • LoveLisa Blue/orange, Juels
  • 100% Retro Orange, Juels
  • Retro Ninja Curry, Juels
  • Miss Foxy, Yellow/mint, Juels
  • Magic Happens, Purple/red, Juels
  • Caroline Pink/brown, Juels
  • Supersweet, Red/yelow/black, Juels
  • Pretty Lily, Blue/red, Juels
  • Peacock Bloom, Rainbow-Dark/Black, Juels
  • Peacock Bloom, Brown/yellow/Black, Juels
  • Bloom Bird, Pink/Brown, Juels
  • Mermaids Green, Juels
  • Pansies, Juels
  • Oriental Poppy, Greygreen, Juels
  • Oriental Poppy, Blackblue, Juels
  • Hummingbird and Lily, Light Turquise, Juels
  • Hummingbird and Lily, Light Rose, Juels
  • Whales, Juels
  • Påskeklokker Bluepurple, Juels
  • Påskeklokker Hvid, Juels
  • Sommereng Hvid, Juels
  • Flowertale, Purple/Mint, Juels
  • Magic Happens, Rainbow/black, Juels
  • Magic Happens, Pink/Green, Juels
  • Rainbow Paint Splatters, Juels